Hospitality with the Spirit of Japan: Welcome to Taiyokan Yamatoya

Shibu Onsen in Nagano Prefecture is considered a famous hot spring of
Shinshu and boasts a history of more than 1,300 years since it was opened.
The elegant hot spring district with its stone paving will make you feel
nostalgic and is wrapped in a soothing atmosphere. Taiyokan Yamatoya is a
hotel where you can quietly enjoy the natural hot springs while the river
babbles pleasantly. We offer hospitality to enable you to feel the spirit
of Japan so that you will want to visit us again. We hope that you will
be able to experience the four seasons at Taiyokan Yamatoya.

Taiyokan Yamatoya

Basic Information

NameTaiyokan Yamatoya
Address1140-5 Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano, 381-0401
TEL / FAX0269-33-2185 / 0269-33-5516
Check-in / Check-outFrom 14:00 / To 11:00

Natural Hot Springs: Bath with a View

The water of Taiyokan Yamatoya is 100% natural hot spring water
that flows directly from the source. This hot water that contains
three high-quality sources of Shibu Onsen is extremely smooth,
soft and gentle. We use underground water to cool down the
source water that is close to 90°C to an appropriate temperature.
The large bath is located on the top floor. Please enjoy this hot
water packed with the blessings of nature with an open feeling
while looking out at the scenery that extends out from the window.
Natural Hot Springs: Bath with a View

Large Bath with a View

Large Bath with a View

Large Bath with a View
Large Bath with a View

Open Air Bath with a View

Open Air Bath with a View
Open Air Bath with a View
Open Air Bath with a View

Family Bath with a View: Hot Springs of Rest

Family Bath with a View: Hot Springs of Rest


Bathing Time: 14:00 to 09:30

We remove the hot water from the baths every day because
we are committed to cleaning the bathtubs. The Yamatoya
style is for our guests to enjoy fresh natural hot spring
water to their heart’s content.

Our Hotel: Experience a Japanese-style Space

The warmth of the wood and the beautiful tatami mat floor that convey the spirit
of Japan will engulf you as soon as you step inside our hotel. If you take off
your shoes and come inside, the tatami mats will gently welcome your tired feet
and you will be able to feel a gentle touch with your tiredness disappearing in
an instant. Relaxing Rooms
Japanese-style Space

Relaxing Rooms

All our rooms are calm and made in the Japanese-style. These are
spaces where you can feel the atmosphere of a Japanese hot spring
district. You can look out of your window and see a view that
contains the flow of the Yokoyu River and the hot spring district.
You will be able to hear the pleasant sound of this river babbling
if you open your window. You can spend your time in peace and quiet
even at night because this Yokoyu River comes between the hot
springs district and our hotel.
*Your room will come with a kotatsu (table over an electric heater)
in winter.

No. of Rooms12 (All are Japanese-style rooms facing Yokoyu River on the side of the hot springs district)
Room FacilitiesBath, shower, bidet toilet, full air-conditioning, television and refrigerator (with beverages available for a fee)

Dining Area

We have a dining area with calm private rooms for a small number of guests.
(Please understand that the details of our dining area may change depending
on the accommodation situation.)


Souvenir Shop


Seasonal Cuisine Made with Devotion

We devotedly make dishes using seasonal and locally produced ingredients.
We will provide you with wonderful dishes to leave you completely
satisfied by taking advantage of the taste of the ingredients themselves.
Please savor our specialties that we make with heartfelt hospitality.
*These dishes are examples only. Please understand that our cuisine
varies depending on what it is possible to buy on the day and the season.

Seasonal Cuisine Made with Devotion


Examples of Breakfast

Examples of Breakfast

Reservation Inquiries

Accommodation Rates

Adult (Two People Using One Room)
Weekday14,190 yen to 18,510 yen
Day Before a Holiday16,350 yen to 21,750 yen
  • The above rates are for one person staying for one night with two meals. These rates include a service charge
    and the consumption tax/hot spring tax (150 yen per person per night).
  • The rate for children (6 to 12 years old) is 70% of the rate for adults.
  • Please contact us about special periods (e.g. O-Bon and New Year’s).
  • The accommodation rate is set in units of 2,000 yen with the food and facilities varying.

Cancellation Fees

No Contact/No Stay/On the DayDay Before2 or 3 Days Before4 or 5 Days Before6 or 7 Days Before
Contact us by phone on the number below.
TEL: 0269-33-2185